Martha Christmas Cookie of the Day

I have about a million cookie collections crowding my web browser's tab bar waiting for their moment in the sun. It's about time I starting posting some.

I've been, you might say, a bit, oh . . . overwhelmed with holiday preparations the past few days. Cookies, it seems, can't be the only things on my mind!

But let's kick this series off with a link to Martha Stewart's own "Cookie Calendar", the Christmas Cookie of the Day.

Martha Stewart does nothing by halves, so her cookie calendar goes on forever. Anything post-Halloween is appropriate for the December holidays (i.e., no jack-o-lantern cookies).

Martha is baking some Christmas cookies on my TV set as I write, as a matter of fact. She just mentioned that she refreshed her pantry recently for holiday baking. She bought herself four bottles of dark corn syrup, four bottles of light corn syrup, and molasses.

What do you think? Fruitcakes in her future, perhaps?

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