12 Days of Cookies: Duff's Black and White Cookie

12daysofcookies.jpgMore like blue and white cookies. Or at least one was in the picture, in order to put this classic New York cookie recipe more in the Hanukkah spirit.

No doubt most of America at large was introduced to the black and white cookie through the episode of Seinfeld when Jerry explains how they demonstrate world peace:

The thing about eating the Black and White cookie, Elaine, is you want to get some black and some white in each bite. Nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate And yet somehow racial harmony eludes us. If people would only look to the cookie all our problems would be solved. (seinfeldscripts.com)

Of course, he ends up upchucking the cookie, so maybe world peace was too lofty a goal for that treat. Maybe he should try this one next time.

If you're lighting the menorah at sunset this December 21, or if you'll wait to celebrate the season on December 25, these soft, yeast-leavened mini-cakes should serve as a toothsome (and peaceful) complement to your meal.

Check out today's recipe on Food Network's site, or download Duff's Black and White Cookie into MacGourmet.

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