Kraft Cookie Exchange Newsletter

5101EA13-9472-453D-B6D0-F1C932D5BB87.jpgThe "12 cookie ideas" sign-up link in my Food & Family newsletter today had to be a tip of the hat to Food Network's successful e-mail series, but there are, in fact, 12 cookie recipes linked in this special missive from the folks at Kraft. Actually, if you count the "P.S." Pecan Bars, you even get the annual "Bonus" recipe.

Kraft's rugelach has been my go-to recipe for fancy treats over the years, so I'm inclined to believe their other cookie recipes also will be trustworthy. Obviously, you can ignore the prominent product placements and use more economical generic ingredients.

Check out today's Cookie Exchange e-mail for some cute holiday cookie recipes (the Chocolate-Candy Cane Cookies look promising), as well as basic cookie-baking tips and help with hosting a cookie exchange party.

Picture: Kraft

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