Gourmet's Favorite Cookies, 1941-2008

Talk about a cookie extravaganza.

Even if cookie baking is not your thing (what has brought you here, then?), if you have any interest in the history of food, you're bound to find Gourmet's collection of cookie recipes fascinating. What made for a great cookie during the food rationing days of World War II? Or during the boom in processed foods during the 50s? Did natural ingredients surge with the rise of hippies? Did cookies go Day-Glo in the 80s?

Some interesting ones:

Sugar Shuttles, 1951: Anticipating the Space Race, perhaps?

Cottage Cheese Cookies, 1962: I imagine this is from the era when cottage cheese lasagna reigned. I'm surprised Gourmet didn't feel an irresistible compulsion to retroactively change it to ricotta.

"Shoe Sole" Cookies, 1970: Cute name. Believe it or not, this one is essentially a "semi-homemade" cookie from Gourmet. You're just fiddling with puff pastry.

Hat Tip: Serious Eats

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