12 Days of Cookies: Stained Glass Wreath Cookies Recipe for MacGourmet

12daysofcookies.jpgIt took 12 days, but we finally got Sandra Lee's spin on store-bought cookie dough.

Unbelievably, this is the second recipe to call for store-bought cookie dough this year. Third, if you count Paula's snowflakes, which the e-mail said could be made with dough from a tube.

Food Network, what happened? Shouldn't cookie recipes include a cookie recipe?

While I'm willing to tolerate the heavy use of convenience products on the net's shows (though I can't help but roll my eyes every time the hosts insist that using a teaspoon from a spice packet or a squirt from a tomato-paste tube will "save money!" - that's bull), isn't the holiday season the one time of year to devote the time to baking from scratch? That's why busy people invented cookie swaps.

I just don't think I need instructions on how to place and bake Pillsbury sugar cookies.

And don't write to tell me your sob story about how you don't know how to bake. If you learned to read, you can bake. Heck, my three-year-old cousin can make cookie dough if you read him the recipe. Judging when the cookies are done baking is the hardest part, and Nestlé can't help you there.

Is this truly the last day for the 12 Days of Cookies? I won't post a round-up for this year until tomorrow passes with no bonus recipe. I hope a recipe does arrive tomorrow, as it's such a down note to end on a "recipe" that's really nothing more than decorating instructions.

Check out today's recipe on Food Network's site, or download Stained Glass Wreath Cookies into MacGourmet.

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