Cookie Decorating, Casual and Fancy

The Bakers' Banter blog at King Arthur Flour's web site is a great year-round resource for step-by-step baking instruction. Now, with Christmas on the horizon, the busy bakers have turned their rolling pins toward festive cookies.

Are you a baker who prefers mixing and measuring to messing with icing? Check out PJ Hamel's two cookie-decorating posts for tips on how to churn out beautiful cookies with minimal trouble:

Fancy holiday cookies, without the fuss.

Holiday magic with gingerbread cookies: the inside-out cut.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy the art of piping dots and strings or think a cookie's not complete without an intricate, sugared design, you must read the post by new blogger MaryJane Robbins, who creates some amazingly beautiful jumbo cookies:

The Other Cookie Baker

Of course, if you believe form follows function, try PJ's elegant, chocolate-dipped approach to cookie decoration to create a European-style treat:

The REAL holiday crunch: Vanilla Dreams

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