12 Days of Cookies: Hazelnut Tea Cookies

12daysofcookies.jpgAlmond Snowball Cookies rise again!

Actually, though they look eerily similar (just as many cookies this year look like those from years past), these treats from new Food Network host Aida Mollenkamp have a few significant differences: One, they are made in the mixer rather than the food processor (a trait I would have appreciated back when I had access only to a tiny one), and two, they incorporate some chunky nut pieces into the dough.

Cookies like these, heavy as they are on the butter and nuts, are terrifically rich. But oh, that makes them so good!

By the way, why are these called "tea cookies"? I attempted a quick search, but I didn't immediately find the definition of a tea cookie. Is it a specific genre, or just a name people tack onto recipes for dainty-looking biscuits?

Check out today's recipe on Food Network's site, or download Hazelnut Tea Cookies into MacGourmet.

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