12 Days of Cookies: Gingerbread Cookies Recipe for MacGourmet

12daysofcookies.jpgThis year's 12 Days of Cookies line-up seems focused on promoting Food Network celebrities, with their takes on the classics of the Christmas cookie lineup. Today, for example, we're treated to newly minted star Anne Burrell's tried-and-true Gingerbread Cookies.

I can't help making gingerbread people every year, even though they're among my least-popular cookies thanks to a combo of large size and challenging flavor.

As in, not plain vanilla or chocolate. Why are people are such picky eaters?! My cardamom butter squares and date-stuffed maamoul are weeping from afar.

Gingerbread cookies make darling tree ornaments if you're unable to talk your family into venturing out. And if you enjoy spicy carrot cake or pumpkin pie, why not bite the head off a gingerbread man this year before off he runs as fast as he can?

Check out today's recipe on Food Network's site, or download Gingerbread Cookies into MacGourmet.

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