Good Housekeeping's Christmas Cookie Calendar


I caught sight of this link to 30 days of cookie recipes tucked away in my December issue of Good Housekeeping.

Unfortunately, for now it only seems to link to the same 30 Days of Cookies page I saw last year. While they still look lovely, I was hoping they would have a new batch.

Keep an eye on the link for when we actually get within 30 days of Christmas. Maybe we'll see some new cookie recipes appear!

good-housekeeping-dec08sm.jpgIn the meantime, here are links to the cookie recipes Paula Deen provided to Good Housekeeping for their feature on her family's holiday celebrations. Check out the article itself to read the whole story of Paula's now-husband Michael's famed Christmas morning proposal.

Gingerbread Boys & Girls: A holiday classic! I love a good spice cookie.

Sand Tarts: This recipe page even includes the cute origin story for the recipe that appears in the magazine. I love pecans, so this recipe might merit further investigation for me.

Hidden Mint Cookies: For the wannabe baker, this recipe is really more a method for combining a store-bought cookie with store-bought dough. If you are timid about baking or feel pressed for time, you might want to try this one. Good Housekeeping suggests letting the sugar cookie dough firm up in the freezer for at least 6 hours or overnight to make slicing easier.

Pecan Clusters: Paula herself points out that these are less cookies than individual bites of instant fudge. But what's wrong with fudge, now?

White Chocolate Cherry Chunkies: I have to admit I find this recipe intriguing. Unlike many, I don't find white chocolate repulsive, and I'm not against the idea of candied cherries, either. They look festive!

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