Martha Celebrates Halloween with Spooky and Sweet Cookies


"The Martha Stewart Show" has sucked me in lately with its eight weeks of Halloween planning. Apparently, Martha Stewart knows how to do holiday celebrations right: big, bold, and completely over the top.

She's found a believer in me.

Honestly, I had never watched Martha's latest show until this month. I forget where I read that she would be doing Halloween segments for a full eight weeks, but once I heard, I knew I had to give the show a shot, despite my dislike of her old Food Network show.

Eight weeks of stretching out a one-day holiday? That is hard core, and I am so there!

Oh, just you wait until I stop paying lip service to Halloween and Thanksgiving in a few weeks. All Christmas, all the time! Heck, I've been sneaking in a bit of holiday music since August.

To give you time to recover from my craziness so that you might return later for more cookie love with an open heart, I provide you with links to some fantastically crafty season-appropriate cookies from Martha Stewart's site:

Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies: Chocolaty, caky cookies sandwiched around a cream cheese-pumpkin filling. For the more subdued, closeted holiday maniacs among us.

Halloween Cookies: Your typical holiday cutouts, with a hit of chocolate to turn them appropriately spooky for the season. For getting a little less subtle.

Halloween Pumpkin Spice Cookies: Sweet, dusky molasses and spicy cinnamon and ginger to remind you of the season, with wacky-colored scary faces to remind you that you are a holiday fiend.

Haunted-House Chocolate Cookies: A sturdy construction dough made with deep, dark Dutch-processed cocoa to ensure results as black as a vampire's heart. Because you need to get your hand in for that Christmas gingerbread palace, darn it.

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